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Helpful Links for Paddlers

Paddling groups in the area:

Canoe and Kayak Paddlers, meetup group. Beginner/intermediate paddles in many parts of the Bay Area.

Bay Area Sea Kayakers, the group for serious sea kayakers. Centered around San Francisco, Oakland area. "Dress for immersion!" 
The BASK website "Trip Plannner" shows all kinds of information on places to paddle, tides and currents, weather, etc.

Kayakers Alliance, meetup group

Lodi Paddle Club, a meetup group

Motherlode Padling Section, a Sierra Club section around Sacramento. Active canoeing and kayak schedule. The best way to get information on the group is to contact Larry Deckard at ladeckard@yahoo.com.

North Bay Kayakers, meetup group

Petaluma Paddlers Kayak Club, a very active group, free to join. Most trips are in the North Bay out to Pt Reyes area. Join by joining their Yahoo Group. Serious concentration on potluck lunches. 

POST,  A whitewater canoe club based in Oakland - nice bunch of people with lots of  experience.

Sacramento Sea Kayakers, paddle Sac area and Sierra lakes, Delta rivers, and the central coast.

Thurseve Paddlers, These guys get together every Thursday to paddle around the Bay in the dark in all conditions. Mostly BASK members. Famous for parties on remote beaches. Paddles are recounted on their Blog.   

Western Sea Kayakers, sea kayaking group centered in the South Bay area.

Western Waters Canoe Club, open boat paddlers group centered around San Jose.

 General resources:

American Canoe Association: the national association for all paddle sports.

BRT Insights Paddleboating Guide for Rivers of California, all kinds of  information on California rivers, mostly whitewater but some flatwater too. River guides, trip reports and more.  

California Creeks: information source for boating on moving water

Save San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay Water Trail 

Great American Days provides some general information about different kinds of kayaking