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What the club offers:

  • Schedule of organized trips— in rivers, creeks, lakes, bays, esteros
  • Upcoming trips are announced by email and on this website
  • Annual week long campout on a lake in the Sierras
  • Canoes and kayaks which can be borrowed
  • Annual potluck dinner meeting

MCKC trips are intended to be friendly, social, and easy for most paddlers. Trips vary from very easy paddles appropriate for almost anyone, to trips which require a moderate level of physical fitness and boating skill. We never do "advanced" or "expert" level trips. However, nature is unpredictable and conditions may deteriorate unexpectedly.

Most MCKC trips are appropriate for both canoes and kayaks, including small recreational kayaks. See particular trip rating to asses the appropriateness of your equipment for that trip. Most MCKC members use 16 to 17 foot two person canoes or recreational kayaks in the 9' to 14' range. Some use sea kayaks for longer paddles. See About our Trips for more information.

MCKC is totally non-commercial. It is not a guide service. All activities are simply opportunities for boaters with appropriate skills to paddle together. MCKC trip coordinators are not required to have training in boating or outdoor safety.  We are not experts or trips guides. We do not carry liability insurance. All water sports are potentially dangerous. Participants must asses the appropriateness of their own physical condition, skills and equipment for any activity, and make their own decisions about safety. We strongly recommend that all paddlers take lessons in boat handling, safety and rescue.

Membership Dues. . .
Individual Membership = $15/year
Family Membership = $25/year

To join, send the following information and membership dues to:
 Marin Canoe & Kayak Club
1545 Monroe Street, Santa Rosa CA, 95404

Name(s) __________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________

City/Zip __________________________________________________

Phone ___________________________________________________

E-mail ___________________________________________________

Number of people in family ________________________________

Make check payable to Marin Canoe & Kayak Club